On Knowledge (2)

1. Today I heard about a book, namely, The postmodern condition : a report on knowledge. You may find it interesting.

2. Accordingly, two types of knowledge could be classified, which are technical and narrative knowledge. The former talks about scientific knowledge whereas the latter refers to traditional, cultural, or related kinds of ideas.

3.The adoption and prevalence of knowledge can somehow be understood as the result of social acceptance, as what Thomas Kuhn has pointed out.

4. If so, knowledge is somehow by nature of a game of language, and what we know about the world is thus not necessarily absolute or universal.

5. On this basis, postmodern thoughts can be treated as questions challenging the current accepted version of knowledge to see if there is any better alternative.

6. I guess from this perspective, postmodernism is not that nullistic but constructive to allow ones to have a better understanding of the world for whatever goals.

7. This perspective does have some credits. It possibly explains why we live in a world of debates by revealing the fluidity of knowledge.




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