On Knowledge

Regarding to the saying of “correctness", “accuracy" of knowledge, what i want to ask is what is the nature of knowledge?

Why do we need knowledge? What constitutes knowledge then?

They are questions worth thinking for several years or even longer.

Maybe can move a bit forward.

We need knowledge coz we need to do something. Says we need scientific knowledge because we need technologies to improve our life so as to achieve our identification of “happiness", which is of course subject to definition.

How to cultivate the knowledge? by observation. Then formulate the rules by induction. Then based on that certain rules, we derive more rules, which is described as the process of deduction.

While observing, we are kind of trying to understand the world. Here comes the problem. What’s that world? As said by the phrase, " I think therefore I am", which somehow implies that the world is just our mental product; or as another stream of hermeneustic saying that the world is objective and already there before the appearance of human beings. We are just born to encounter the world?

no matter what, we may be able to come up with at least 2 conclusions up till here: 1. knowledge is by nature ontological, serving as a means for our needs; 2. while constituting knowledge, we do so first by observation, which implies there could be many possible ways as starting points to understand the world.

The insight which could be induced here is we might be able to say that knowledge is thus constructive by nature. Hence, to aspire after knowledge is to know more about how it is constructed (here “construct" does not n necessarily carry the negative meaning) and thus to be able to be more vigorous but serious for creating new knowledge on top of that, enabling paradigm shift. That’s how civilization moves on.

Simply saying, to be vigorous about knowledge is the reason why we aspire after knowledge, I think.




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